Quarantine Hotel Check-in Procedure & Regulations

【 HOTEL QUOTE Taipei Self Quarantine Check-in Procedure & Regulations 】

Documents required for check-in

【 Photos to be provided before check-in 】 Photos of your passport/ID
【 Photos to be taken & sent after check-in and enter the room 】 1. Self quarantine guest registration card 2. Self-Health Management Pledge

Check-in & check-out regulations

- According to latest border control & quarantine policy effective from Dec.1st 2020, all inbound and transfer passengers(regardless of nationality)must submit a certificate of negative COVID-19 test result conducted within 3 days prior to boarding.
​ -  All self quarantine guests of the hotel must undergo a PCR test as required by CDC 2-3 days prior to check-out. This test will be conducted by medical personnel at the hotel, and check-out will only be allowed with a negative test result.
​ - Transportation to & from the airport must be by designated pandemic-prevention taxis at the airports.

Check-in procedure

After enter Taiwan 
landing > initial inspection > taking a designated pandemic-prevention taxi > heading for ''HOTEL QUOTE Taipei - No.333, Nangjing E. Rd., Sec 3, Songshan Dist., Taipei'' > contact the hotel via LINE or telephone once take on the taxi, and provide information including license plate number of the taxi, electronic version of COVID-19 Health Declaration & Home Quarantine Notice > wear a mask before getting off the taxi > arrive at the hotel and have body temperature taken, hands and luggage disinfected by our receptionist, and present COVID-19 Health Declaration & Home Quarantine Notice again > get the room number from our receptionist, take the elevator up, enter the room and close the door, and call the concierge with in-room telephone


The hotel will deliver boxed meals to guest rooms during every meal-serving hours. There will be no refund even if the meals are not requested or not eaten.
Please inform the hotel upon making the reservation for dietary restrictions from religion or personal needs.

Delivery hours
【 breakfast 】 7:30am-8:30am
【 lunch 】 12pm-1pm
【 dinner 】 5:30pm-6:30pm
The actual delivery time will be based on the time when the restaurant arrives at the hotel.

Regulations of staying in the same room

According to the regulations announced by CECC and Taipei City Department of Information & Tourism, self quarantine undergoers who meet the criteria listed below and require caretaking shall be excepted from ''one person one residence'' policy, effective from April 30th 2021. For more information: 

Criteria for self quarantine requiring caretaking, effective from April 30th, 2021:
 1.  Juveniles(under 18)
 2. Over 65 and dependent on others 
 3. People with physical or mental disabilities 
 4. People with physical or mental incapacities 
 5. People with severe illness or injuries 
 6. Females in pregnancy and are evaluated by doctors as should be taken care of by others 
 7. People dependent on others due to injuries or diseases 
 8. Under other conditions evaluated and agreed by local government

 1. ''Dependent'' refers to individuals require assistance to complete daily activities such as eating, cleaning, clothing, going to the toilet, and moving about. 
 2. Individuals meet criteria 1 to 7 can present related documents to the hotel, and will be able to check-in once the hotel confirms the availability of rooms. There’s no need for further confirmation from the authorities.

Package Period
2021/09/13 - 2022/12/05

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